2017 Interactive Blue Ribbon Workshop

The 2017 Interactive Blue Ribbon Workshop is an opportunity for participants to practice collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution in water resources through the simulation of a real-world scenario.

The Interactive Blue Ribbon workshop will take place Monday March 6th 2017 from 1pm -2:30pm with a reception afterwards for further discussion.

Our topic this year is Adapting to Snowpack Changes in the Pacific Northwest

Each participant will join a mock subcommittee representing a specific group of stakeholders.

Each subcommittee is assigned one field expert to answer questions and facilitate discussion.

Subcommittees will first meet individually to discuss funding allocation and craft a plan of action best suited to the stakeholders they represent.

After the individual subcommittees meet, a chosen representative from each subcommittee will meet for a “fish bowl deliberation” and a final plan of action will be decided upon.


For Details and resources, please see the Blue Ribbon 2017 Brief Here


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